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Industry Spotlights
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The 2020 Summit will open with a special series of Industry Spotlight sessions that highlight the opportunity for algae to impact particular market and R&D segments. These are the perfect sessions to get an introduction to the latest in algae industry developments.


Conducted exclusively via Zoom, each Industry Spotlight will feature panel presentations and discussion, along with live Q&A. Descriptions can be found below, and be sure to view the full Summit agenda here.


Algae 101: Modeling for Financial Success

Wednesday, August 12
10:00am-12:00pm CT

Facilitor: Tom Byrne, CarlsonSV


James Drage, Algaculture Project

Getting Funding for Algae Based Businesses in 2020

David Ramjohn, AlgEternal
Algae 101: The Things They Never Taught You in School about Building a Successful Algae Business

Johnel Lagabon, Burdock Group
Algae 101: Overcoming U.S. Regulatory Hurdles for Novel Food, Feed, or Dietary supplement ingredients
Maya Skubatch, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Patents and Innovations Practice

Tom Byrne, CarlsonSV
Algae 101


This special introductory session is the perfect way to kick off your Algae Biomass Summit experience. Anyone looking to learn more about what works, and what doesn't, in the business of algae will all find something valuable at Algae 101. This session will address important business and financial topics as the algal industry continues to expand commercially and adds new and innovative products to the market. In some cases, the products are new, and in other cases, algae have been used to replace the current commodity to enhance the product for better performance, be more environmentally friendly, or more economical. The Algae 101 session is designed for individuals or groups that want to either take an algal concept to commercialization or understand the algal business to provide investment or financing opportunities.

Each speaker will bring valuable expertise in providing innovative concepts to achieve commercially successful companies. All presenters have backgrounds in the algal industry and will bring examples of successes and failures. As in the past Algae 101 sessions, there will be a question and answer period at the end of the session. Register for the Summit to attend.


See all of the Industry Spotlight speaker abstracts here.

Algae Based Polymers

Tuesday August 18, 2020
10:00am-12:00pm CT

Facilitator: Philip Pienkos, Polaris Renewables


Ryan Hunt, Algix

Upcycling Waste into Value: Building a Global Algae Supply Chain
Tao Dong, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Non-isocyanate Polyurethane Produced from Microalgal Oil via a Carbon Sequestration Pathway
Michael Burkart
, California Center for Algae Biotechnology at UCSD

Development of Renewable Polyurethanes from Algae Biomass
Babetta Marrone
, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Biopolymer Production in Cyanobacteria Guided by Machine Learning

Scott Franklin, Checkerspot
Microalgae for the Production of Novel Biopolymer Feedstocks; Applications Development and Animation of Checkerspot™s technology through in-use application.

As technologies for algal cultivation develop and the cost of biomass production decreases, new commercial opportunities for products from algae begin to appear that can help bridge the gap between low volume, high value products like nutraceuticals and high volume, low value products like biofuels. Algae-based polymers is one of the most exciting new product developments to appear in the past few years. These polymers offer great sustainability promise by their replacement of petroleum feedstocks and by their potential for biodegradation. Whether the polymers are produced directly by the algae like polyhydroxyalkanoates, or produced from algal components like renewable polyurethanes and plastic composites, they are beginning to find their way into commercial products and establish new market sectors for algal biomass, providing new enthusiasm for research and development. In this session, you will hear from some of the leaders in commercialization of algae-based polymers as well as from researchers from national labs who are developing technologies to accelerate the expansion of acceptability of these polymers into various applications, including foams, resins, adhesives and coatings. Register for the Summit to attend.


See all of the Industry Spotlight speaker abstracts here.

Managing Carbon Dioxide Utilization for Algae R&D

Thursday, August 20, 2020
10:00am-12:00pm CT


Christy Sterner, Bioenergy Technologies Office, DOE

Amishi Kumar, Office of Fossil Energy, DOE


Michael Burkart, California Center for Algae Biotechnology at UCSD
Opportunities, Challenges, and Examples for Carbon Dioxide Utilization

Michelle Krynock, NETL LCA Team
Understanding the Environmental Potential of CO2 Utilization Technologies through the
Assessment of Algae-to-Biofuels Pathways

Bruce Rittman, Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology at Biodesign Institute
Highly Efficient CO2 Delivery from Industrial Sources

David Hazlebeck, Global Algae Innovations

Algae Solutions to Global Dilemmas
Jason Quinn, Colorado State University

Economic and Life-cycle Potential of Microalgae Derived Bioplastics with Fuel Co-products

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's study, Gaseous Carbon Waste Streams Utilization: Status and Research Need, identifies principal challenges associated with commercializing carbon utilization technologies, improvements required in tools that evaluate environmental and economic potential of utilization tech, and defines a research agenda to address these topics. This session will review the study's recommendations on algae carbon utilization and present some of the complementary research projects at the Office of Fossil Energy and the Bioenergy Technologies Office that are addressing these recommendations. Register for the Summit to attend.


See all of the Industry Spotlight speaker abstracts here.

Macroalgae Biomass: A Sustainable Feedstock for Food, Feed, Fuels and Chemicals

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
10:00am-12:00pm CT

Facilitator: Marc von Keitz, U.S. DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)



Paul Dobbins, WWF
Seaweed Farming. A Conservation Organization Perspective
Javier Infante, Ocean Rainforest
Large Scale Macroalgae Cultivation Systems (Macrosystems)
Ignacio Navarrete, University of Southern California
A Depth-cycling Approach to Open-ocean Seaweed Mariculture
Vincent Doumeizel, Lloyd's Register Foundation
Time to Launch a Global Coalition for Safe Seaweed Production

Beau Perry, Blue Evolution
Pacific Coast Seaweed - What It Takes to Build a New Industry

Macroalgae have been harvested and cultivated in ocean near-shore environments for centuries as a source of food and, more recently as a source of minerals, hydrocolloids, and agar. The genetic and geographic diversity of marine macroalgae is immense and offers great potential for macroalgae to serve a major role as a feedstock for food, animal feed, and sustainable fuels and chemicals. Macroalgae biomass production, which does not require land or freshwater, may represent one of the largest untapped growth opportunities for decarbonizing much of the food and fuel humans consume. Yet new technologies and market opportunities must be developed for macroalgae to achieve this potential. Lead by Marc von Keitz, this session seeks to provide an overview of the macroalgae industry, including opportunities and challenges. In this session, you will hear from macroalgae producers, technologists, and advocates who are working each day to bring sustainable macroalgae solutions from the ocean to the marketplace. The goal of this session is to educate attendees, specifically those from the microalgae community, on the scale and potential for macroalgae-based products and services. The session seeks to attract the interest and expertise of the microalgae community to enable rapid macroalgae product and processing innovation and market expansion .   Register for the Summit to attend.


See all of the Industry Spotlight speaker abstracts here.

Algae in Animal Feeds: Effective Market Entry

Thursday, August 27, 2020
10:00am-12:00pm CT

Facilitator: Valerie Harmon, Harmon Consulting
Ryan Cooney, VP Marketing, Nutriquest
Animal Feed Market Opportunities
Dr. Chet Wiernusz, Director of Product Development, Nutriquest
Animal Feed Market Opportunities
Martha Marrapese, Esq. Partner, Wiley LLP
Prenotice Consultations with FDA on Fish and Animal Feed
Andrew Dahl, CEO, ZIVO Bioscience

Commercializing Microalgae for Animal Health & Nutrition Applications Feed ingredients for poultry, swine and cattle offer ample opportunities, but the value proposition must be realistic.
William Pfund, VP R&D, ZIVO Bioscience
Scientific Support of Microalgae Commercialization: There's No Such Thing as Too Much Data

Animal feed markets, whether focusing on aquaculture or livestock or pet foods, are large markets offering great potential for algae-based products. This panel will focus on animal feed market segments, needs and their value proposition to structure a discussion around how to position your algae company for success in these markets. Detailed information on how to successfully achieve regulatory approval will be addressed both from a regulatory and industry perspective. Register for the Summit to attend.


See all of the Industry Spotlight speaker abstracts here.

Managing Production Risk Through Crop Insurance

Tuesday, September 1, 2020
10:00am-12:00pm CT

Facilitator: Devinn Lambert, Bioenergy Technologies Office, DOE


Kurt Dieker, NBO3
Farming Algae: Establishing Valuation and Understanding Risk of Algal Crops
Jakob Nalley, Qualitas
Tom Richard, Green Stream Farms
John McGowen, AzCATI
Cultivation Reliability and Its Impact on the Economics and Sustainability for Algae-based Products.
Alex Sereno, USDA Risk Management Agency
Overview of Federal Crop Insurance
Shaun Collins, USDA Risk Management Agency
New Crop Insurance Product Development
Eric Sorensen, Farmers Business Network

Insuring Algae
Lucas Strom, Farmers Business Network
Juan Sacoto, HIS Markit

All agriculture face production risks from diseases and pests, natural disasters, and market fluctuations. The United States Department of Agriculture and private entities offer crop insurance products to help farmers and ranchers manage some of the risks inherent to agriculture. In the 2018 Farm Bill, algae were defined as an “agricultural commodity” making it an eligible crop for federal insurance programs. In this session, algae farmers will present to crop insurance experts to shed light on what insurers need to know in order to tailor crop insurance products for algae production. This panel will provide an excellent opportunity for all algae agronomists to engage with crop insurance experts, including USDA, in an interactive panel to ask questions and provide input. Register for the Summit to attend.


See all of the Industry Spotlight speaker abstracts here.


See the full Summit agenda here



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